Mirror Photo Booth

We want to see you smile and with the Mirror Photo Booth we know that it will start with a smile and end in unforgettable memories.

Everyone loves a selfie, but Invi Media gives you so much more.
From the moment we step up to the Mirror Photo Booth, your guests can’t help but strike a pose and smile.

Guided by the interactive touchscreen and engaging voiceover, the Mirror Photo Booth is easy to use and will have people coming back again and again.



But we don’t just take photos, the Mirror Photo Booth allows your guests to add graphics, messages or emojis and let loose their creative side before walking away with their very own printed keepsake.

Add the box full of quirky and colorful props and you’ll soon hear the sounds of laughter and excitement!!

And when they realize they can also share their images direct to social media, or send them to friends and family via text or email – you will be surprised by how far a picture can travel!


Personalised Prints

You choose the theme and we create a personlaised photo overlay to give maximum impact at your corporate event, wedding or special occassion.

Signing & Stamping Feature

We all love emojis and now your event guest can add them to their image creation, before signing off with their name or personal message.

Branding and personalization

We can brand the experience from the minute your guest arrive at the mirror booth, think branded wrap on the mirror, branded start screen and photo overlay. We can even offer full data capture, so you can market to your guests post event.

Social Sharing

Let our mirror booth share your guests photo creations straight to social media, giving maxium impact for your event or brand.

Invi Media can customize the Mirror Photo Booth as much as you want – with custom created animations, personalized photo layouts, stamps and filters – the only limit to making the Mirror Photo Booth is your imagination!!

Pricing & Plans

Invi Media can customize your Mirror Photo Booth experience with custom created animations, personalized photo layouts, stamps and filters and much more, your only limit is your imagination

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